How to Make Money with ShareASale Affiliate Program

Posted On : Jul-09-2021
How to Make Money with ShareASale Affiliate Program

Using of Shareasale Affiliate Marketing To Generate Amount

Now days earning money for Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways. Everyone is aware of the word Affiliate Marketing but no one knows how to start where to start and earn the money. There are hundreds of affiliate marketing programs available online. From those, one of the best platforms to earn the money is Shareasale.

What is Shareasale?

Let's get an idea about Shareasale in detail and how to use it. Shareasale is a popular service for the affiliate program for their product or service. This network was started in 2000 by Brain Littleton in Chicago and has a total of 3900 merchant programs. Shareasale is the largest U.S affiliate network primarily targeting small and mid-size merchants. Before getting to start with ShareaSale let’s get an idea about Affiliate Marketing in detail.

Affiliate Marketing:

In simple words, affiliate marketing can be defined as promoting somebody else product or services and earning money. Merchants sell directly from websites and affiliates means placing merchant links on their websites. If the customer buys the product from the link placed you will receive a commission payment. This commission is based on the levels set by the advertiser and how many products you sell.

Process Of Affiliate Marketing

  • The customer lands on the website of the affiliate.
  • When a customer clicks on the affiliate link the link will take to the landing page of the advertising product.
  • If the customer buys the service or products.
  • Then the affiliate marketer earns the commission.

The affiliate link has a unique code that will be only recognized by the publisher and then the publisher will send the commission to the affiliate marketer.

Shareasale high commission payout affiliate marketing network

Different terms used in Affiliate Marketing:

  • Seller: The company or person who owns the product. The other names are merchant, advertiser, owner, brand, retailer, creator, and vendor.
  • Publisher: Who promotes the seller's product. The promotion can be done through website, blog, email, Social Media, etc. 
  • Affiliate Network: Affiliate Network is a company that acts as a middle person between the seller and publisher. Which provides a platform for a publisher to sign up for affiliate marketers?
  • Buyer: Who buys the product from the affiliate link? The other names included are customer, shopper, consumer, or, client.


Steps to Create and Earn Amount using Shareasale?


  1. Create an enticing bio on your profile page
  2. Find the advertiser and products/ service to promote
  3. Start promoting your chosen products
  4. Take advantage of ShareASale Affiliate promotional tools to optimize your work Track your performance


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