Update Your Skin Routine Using These 5 Tips

Posted On : Sep-29-2020
Update Your Skin Routine Using These 5 Tips

Change in seasons typically leads to skin changes. The changes mainly occur are dryness, breakouts, general lackluster, and pigmented appearance caused by the sun. The breakouts are generally increased in the summer season, because oil flow is high during the summer, but the cooler air also creates the dead skin cell build-up. By this, the oil and bacteria are formed beneath the skin’s surface which leads to the breakouts.

Change in your regimen to ensure that the skin stay balanced and healthy during the seasonal change. Here’s how to change the skin routine in seasonal changes to fall flawlessly.

Tip 1: Change the Cleanser

Change your cleanser according to the seasons, during summer month’s usage of the gel and foaming cleansers are great for deep cleaning morning and night because this hydrates your skin without making it oily. You can also use a cream-based cleansing lotion. In the winter season usage of the milder, a more moisturizing and weakly acidic cleanser is better as this cleanser won’t dry the skin.

Changing of the cleansers is always recommended for modifying your routine as per temperatures.

Tip 2: Increase your Hydration

Drinking a lot of water would not only help your body to keep hydrated but also your skin stays young. Increase your hydration not only helps in summer also helps in winter as your face looks better. One more way to increase your hydration is using toners if you’re not using then start the use of them. Applying the alcohol-free toners on the skin helps to infuse water into the skin. Using toners will help to maintain the pH value.

Tip 3: Use a Heavier Moisturizer

In the summer season, a lightweight moisturizer is enough for all types of skin but in winter as the weather cools down we have to shift to a heavy, cream-based moisturizer. If you are using the gel moisturizer shift to a lotion one. Another option is to use good remedy oil, add few drops of oil, and pat into the moisturizer as needed which allows you to change your moisturizer as per your skin routine. If your skin is drier then use the oil with the moisturizer if not only use the moisturizer.

Tip 4: Protect your skin with SPF Cream

Use the SPF cream in both seasons as the UV rays released from the sun are as strong as in the summer. In the winter season, the sun is harmful as in summer but we think that it’s not harmful, but this is false. UVA (responsible for the sunburns) rays are not harmful in autumn but the UVB (cause skin cancer and wrinkles) rays are strong in the autumn. So, apply of the SPF creams according to your skin type is mandatory in every season.

Tip 5: Listen to your skin

The skin changes according to season the signs which we noticed when the skin changes are the dryness, tightness, sensitivity and increased breakouts. Before changing the skin routine according to the seasons it’s better to listen to what your skin says as the skin produces different signs.

Alter your skin-routine by following above tips which makes your skin to look better, as the skin changes as per the season changes.

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